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Storage points of dry powder medicine fire extinguishers in Zhejiang


At present, the dry powder medicament in Zhejiang is the main fire extinguishing agent for dry powder fire extinguishers. Lifting a fire extinguisher is not unfamiliar to us, but this necessity of life is often left out by us. Usually it has been stored in a fire extinguisher for a long time. If it is found to be unusable when it is used, it should be What a terrible thing.

Now we need to understand the storage points of dry powder fire extinguishers:

1. The design pressure of the dry powder storage container can be 1.6MPa or 2.5MPa. The loading factor of the dry powder fire extinguishing agent should not be greater than 0.85, and its pressurization time should not be greater than 30s.

2. When measures such as anti-humidity, anti-freezing, and fire prevention are taken, the storage device of the local application fire extinguishing system can be set in a fixed safety fence.

3. The dry powder storage container should meet the requirements of driving gas coefficient, dry powder storage capacity, dry powder delivery rate and pressure at the outlet of the output container valve.

4. The driving gas should be an inert gas, and nitrogen should be used; the driving pressure must not be greater than the maximum working pressure of the dry powder storage container, otherwise it may cause safety accidents.

5. The storage device of dry powder fire extinguishing system should be arranged for inspection and maintenance, and should avoid direct sunlight. Its ambient temperature should be -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃.

6. The dry powder fire extinguishing system storage device should consist of dry powder storage container, container valve, safety pressure relief device, drive gas storage bottle, bottle head valve, header, pressure reducing valve, pressure alarm and control device, etc.

7. The dry powder fire extinguishing system storage device should be located in a dedicated storage device room. The dedicated storage device room should be close to the protective area, and the exit should lead directly to the outdoor or evacuation passage. The fire resistance level should not be lower than level 2. It should be kept dry and good Ventilation and emergency lighting fixtures should be provided.

These specific storage requirements are the top priority for fire extinguishers. Only by observing the requirements can the life of fire extinguishers be better guaranteed.

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