• Specializing in the production of fire protection products such as seamless gas cylinders, CO₂ fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishing agents
  • Modern plant with strong technical force
  • Has the most advanced fire extinguisher production line in China
  • seat belt
    seat belt

    At present, this fire safety belt is a kind of fire fighting equipment that firefighters will use in fire fighting operations. At present, some fire extinguisher bottle manufacturers will produce this fire fighting equipment accordingly. Let ’s take a look at

  • 97 flame retardant combat clothing
    97 flame retardant combat clothing

    At present, this flame retardant combat suit is one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters. It is currently produced in some fire extinguisher gas cylinder manufacturers. We all know that firefighters always bear the brunt o

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The company organizes production strictly in accordance with national standards, continuously increases investment in science and technology, continuously strengthens management and control of production sites, strengthens product inspection, and guarantees delivery of qualified products to customer satisfaction. The company's corporate purpose is based on the spirit of craftsmanship and domain letter!